Creating an online designer clothing store Silk&Milk
online shop for designer clothes
Developing brand identity from scratch and creating a full-fledged designer clothing store on the 1C Bitrix platform
The main task was to develop the entire identity for the brand (logo, tags, business cards, etc.), to hold several photo shoots to create the right image, which the customer wanted to transfer and then create a full-fledged online store from all the material.
Began with the logo, corporate colors, tags and other printed materials. In parallel, 3 photo shoots were organized and the entire collection of clothes was filmed. As soon as I had all the material for creating the store, we had a choice on what to do with the store itself, and since the deadline was up, we decided to buy a ready-made template on 1C Bitrix. Next was filling the store with merchandise, content and graphic materials. As a result, the client and I are pleased with the result.
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The Silk & Milk concept site was also created to participate in web design competitions and to get additional traffic to the site.
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